The Monthlies Poem Forms

5 new poetic forms, devised by The Monthlies.


The challenge for the year is to write a poem for each and submit them to the blog!



Consists of three stanzas of three lines each:

1st line: three words – first word is one syllable 2nd line: six words – first word is two syllables 3rd line: nine words – first word is three syllables

(If you wish to write a poem that follows the original form of the Trectistic, i.e. the ‘non-free’ form, the challenge is to start each line with a three-syllabled word)

Origin: Named after Trectistic, a Russian monk. Several variations came into being when the form became popular outside the confines of the monastery and was practised in a less strict environment. Now the word ‘free’ seems to give each poet who encounters the form the liberty to deviate slightly from the rules.

This version of the Free form created by Sohena Trectistic (a direct descendant of the Russian Trectistics), Ramishi Free, Jose Isandy, Dors Shritl and ttynnare kneeess.



1. Consists of 7 lines, alternating 9 syllables and 5 syllables : 9/5/9/5/9/5/9.

2. The word you end with must start the new line for the first 4 lines.

3. Repeat at least one line.


3. THE QUATRO LEAP : 4 x 4 x 4 = 4 words, four lines and 4 stanzas.

The Quatro Leap has four stanzas with each stanza consisting of 4 lines : as follows:

Line 1 – 4 words Line 2 – 8 words Line 3 – 8 words Line 4 – 4 words



Three verses, five lines each.

Number of words in each line: 7/ 7/ 3/ 3/ 5/ 9 words.

Three choruses of two lines each.

The last line is a repeat of the very first line (then the chorus)

The rhythm is slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.



1. Choose an existing poem 2. Writing on paper, fold in half. Write chosen poem on left of the centre line. 3. Line by line following same structure, write the shadow or mirror of the existing poem.

Example: Leonard Cohen’s Wabi Sabi poem

Ring the bells that still can ring Silence the bells that need to be stilled Forget your perfect offering Remember your flawed sacrifice There is a crack in everything There is wholeness in everything That’s how the light gets in That’s how the dark shines through

3 comments on “The Monthlies Poem Forms

  1. Hi everyone

    Just to let you know, I have published online, and my romance is in ‘latest books’ under gail gilbride bohle.
    It is called “My first language is Dance!” and in case you are wondering about the title, my heroine has a hearing disability.

    love gail 🙂 x
    (There is no cover cause I’m a bit technologically blonde…)

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